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Grade Level: 3-6

Time: 3 class periods


Florida's Environment


Students will create brochures, posters, and/or bumper stickers to advertise Florida and to help protect our environment to hand out at Florida Welcome Stations.


  • Encyclopedias and other research materials
  • White drawing paper
  • crayons, markers, etc.


  • Describe the physical environment of Florida
  • Identify how physical systems affect human systems and vice versa
  • Develop an awareness of Florida's fragile ecosystems
  • List ways that visitors to Florida can protect the environment and enjoy our resources at the same time.


  1. Introduce the topic. Inform students that they have been assigned the task of running a Florida Welcome Station. Their main job will be to design posters, bumper stickers, and brochures to hand out to people visiting Florida. They must prepare materials that stress the importance of protecting all of Florida's ecosystems. At the same time, they should make Florida sound like a nice place to visit.
  2. Strategies:
    1. Review or introduce Florida's fragile ecosystems, wetlands, coastlines, etc.
    2. Discuss the areas that tourists would most likely visit and what kinds of problems their visits could cause.
    3. Allow students to work in groups to prepare posters, brochures, and/or bumper stickers for the visitors.
  3. Culminating Activity: Set up a "Welcome Center" in the classroom. Students display their work. Discuss other aspects of a Welcome Center. Should they prepare a video for visitors, a welcome sign, or serve orange juice?


Students will create a poster, bumper sticker, and a brochure to meet the requirements.


Environment and Society

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