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Grade Level: 4

Time: 3 weeks

Geographic Theme:

Regions of Florida


Introduce students to the four regions of Florida.


Using play dough or bakers dough make a relief map of Florida showing the four regions: Coastal Lowlands, Marianna Lowlands, Northern Highlands, and the Central Highlands.


  • 8 x 10 cardboard for base (one for each student or group)
  • bakers play dough (recipe below)
  • food coloring
  • reference books on Florida to locate regions (such as Florida textbook, . . . .)


  1. Use a rigid cardboard base: dimension of base should be exactly 8 inches by 10 inches.
  2. Use a different color for each region. (Use a textbook as a guide for locating the regions)
  3. Include a legend and compass rose.
  4. Label the three bodies of water around Florida.
  5. Label the two states that border Florida.
  6. Include the St. Johns, Suwannee, Apalachicola, and the Chattahoochee Rivers.
  7. Show Lake Okeechobee.

Recipe for bakers play dough: It will be equal parts flour and salt and the amount of water varies depending on the amount of flour/salt; for example, 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of salt, and about ½ to 1 cup of water. Slowly add water until the dough is a nice consistency to work with. Dough may be divided into groups and food color added. It becomes very hard when it dries.

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