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Grade Level: 4-5

Time: 2-6 weeks, depending on access to computers


Florida Regions


Students will research and organize information about the geographic regions of Florida. They will create a HyperStudio stack to present their information.


  • "Atlas of Florida" book and CD-ROM
  • Encyclopedias and other resource materials
  • 4" X 8" file cards
  • HyperStudio


  • Identify Florida's geographic regions
  • Research a specific topic that relates to the regions
  • Create a HyperStudio stack to present the information


  1. Introduce the topic. Discuss the concept of regions and ways to divide Florida into regions. Use maps to show different divisions.
  2. Strategies:
    1. Have students select a topic relating to the regions of Florida. Examples include animals that live in the wetlands, climate in different areas of Florida, population density in areas, wildlife in the coastal regions, elevation in the panhandle, etc.
    2. Show examples of HyperStudio stacks to demonstrate the requirements of creating one, including text items, buttons, graphics, and sound. Each stack must include a title card, a table of contents card, and information cards.
    3. All buttons must work and they should include at least one graphic.
    4. Students do research on their topic in the library or by using resources in the room.
    5. Students plan their presentation by creating their stack on index cards and editing and revising them.
    6. In the computer lab, or in the one computer classroom, the teacher takes the class through the process of beginning their stack and make the title card with a text item and a button.
    7. Students complete their stacks, revising and editing as they go along.
  3. Culminating Activity: Students share their presentations with the rest of the class and answer questions about their topic.


Students will complete the project with the required items.


  • Places and Regions
  • Other standards depending on topic chosen by student

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