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What is an Environmentally Sensitive Area?

Purpose: In this lesson you will be asked to form a base concept of why our environment is so important to human life. Developing a solid concept about environmental issues is the first step to understanding the relationship that we have to other life on this planet and why it is necessary to protect the ecosystems that allow us to survive. At the conclusion of the exercise you should be able to answer the question: What is an environmentally sensitive area?

Sunshine State Standards:

G. How Living Things Interact with Their Environment

Standard 1: The student understands the competitive, interdependent, cyclic nature of living things in the environment.
1. knows of the great diversity and interdependence of living things. (SC.G.1.4.1)
Standard 2
: The student understands the consequences of using limited natural resources.
2. know that changes in a component of an ecosystem will have unpredictable effects on the entire system but that the components of the system tend to react in a way that will restore the ecosystem to its original condition. (SC.G.2.4.2)
5. understands that the amount of life any environment can support is limited and that human activities can change the flow of energy and reduce the fertility of the Earth. (SC.G.2.4.5)
6. know the ways in which humans today are placing their environmental support systems at risk (e.g., rapid population growth, environmental degradation, and resource depletion). (SC.G.2.4.6)

Social Studies
B. People, Places, and Environment (Geography)

Standard 2: The student understands the interaction of people and the physical environment.
1. understands how social, cultural, economic, and environmental factors contribute to the dynamic nature of regions. (SS.B.2.4.1)
3. understands how the allocation of control of the Earth's surface affects interactions between people in different regions. (SS.B.2.4.3)
4. understands the global impacts of human changes in the physical environment. (SS.B.2.4.4)
5. knows how humans overcome "limits to growth" imposed by physical systems. (SS.B.2.4.5)


9 - 12


Read the background information for comprehension. If there are any concepts that you do not understand try to find the answers, either through key words on the Internet, or through the resources of your library. A few sources of information are given in the Resource Appendix. Words that are printed in heavy black type are defined in a vocabulary section at the back of the lesson. After reading the material answer the study questions. Use complete sentences in writing your answers. It will help you develop communication skills.

Lesson Plan Components:


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