The Teacher Resources section of the site provides teachers with additional information for their classes. This section primarily consists of lesson plans which concentrate on Florida's environment. The lesson plans below are general in nature.

  1. What is an Environmentally Sensitive Area? - This lesson explains what sensitive areas are and gives some of the basic terms that are associated with these areas.

  2. Growth, Energy, and Food Webs: A Formula for Life - Examines the impact that different factors have on the environment arround us.

  3. Biomes - This lesson describes how the world can be divided into parts that have similar plants, animals, and climates, called biomes. It will give students an understanding of why and how civilization prospered in particular areas of the world.

  4. Ecosystems: A Living Network - This lesson examines soil/land use and waste disposal to help students learn about changes in ecosystems as related to human activity.

  5. Wetlands - These activities will introduce students to wetlands.

  6. Geography of Florida - This lesson will introduce students to the geography of Florida.

  7. Florida Relief Map - This activity will introduce students to the topographic regions in Florida through the creation of a relief map.

  8. Sinkholes - This lesson explains how sinkholes are formed and their effects.

  9. Mapping Florida - This lesson introduces students to Florida maps, the use of an Atlas, and the skills needed to understand thematic maps.

  10. Welcome to Florida - Activity where students will create brochures, posters, and/or bumper stickers to advertise Florida and to help protect our environment.

  11. Florida Postcards - Students will create postcards to illustrate various landforms found in Florida.

  12. Hurricane Tracking - This lesson teaches students latitude and longitude and explains the process for tracking hurricanes.

  13. Hyperflorida - In this activity, students will research and organize information about the geographic regions of Florida and create a HyperStudio stack to present their information.

  14. Oceans All Over - This lesson is designed to acquaint students with the oceans of the world and look at the distribution of the sea turtle population in those oceans.

  15. Tracking Sea Turtles - This lesson is designed to acquaint students with the Kemp's Ridley (the most endangered) sea turtle and it's nesting and feeding areas.

  16. Residential Flooding - This lesson is designed to help students become aware of how humans can adversely affect the environment; specifically, why residential areas flood and the processes involved in solving the problem of residential flooding.

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