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Big Lagoon State Park


WebWorldWonders Teachers:
Cherie Arnette & John Hannon

Contact Information:
2021 S. Century Blvd
McDavid, FL 32568

Park Information:
Big Lagoon State Park/Perdido Pitcher Plant Prairie
12301 Gulf Beach Highway, Pensacola, FL 32507
(850) 492-1595


  • Create an interactive website that will be useful in the classroom
  • Describe the carnivorous plants, ecosystem, and habitat of the Prairie
  • Identify representative insects, mammals, birds, and plants
  • Create a Virtual Boardwalk tour that:
    -Lists GPS coordinates
    -Enables viewers to build their own map using info provided at each stop
    -Enables visitors to learn a particular fact at each stop
    -Includes a game at the end of the virtual tour to test acquired knowledge
  • Provide a web cam
  • Provide a link to Florida State Park Service website: C.A.R.L.
  • Provide a link to other related websites (ex-Tate High School)